Billy Loughnane – a force to be reckoned with?


With huge names in horse racing either retiring or hitting the twilight of their careers, more attention and emphasis is now on finding the next AP McCoy or Frankie Dettori, as world-class jockeys that can crossover and become popular in sporting culture.

Youngster Billy Loughnane is hoping to grow into that role, and the young English-based Irish prodigy is showing all the promise that you’d expect from somebody who wishes to carry the moniker that the greatest jockeys of this generation previously have.

As with any rising success story, there’s usually a strong team that helps a prodigy reach their full potential. Billy’s father, Mark, has a stable of high-quality horses that have enabled young Billy to notch up a series of wins. Although some horse racing analysts and fans are reserving judgment on Billy for now due to his age and the fact the horses he rides are often the best of the selection, many believe that reserving such judgment is harsh. Billy has proven he can keep a level head when necessary, and for somebody who has only just turned 17, he has a remarkable head on his shoulders.

Once Billy breaks into a higher class of racing, he will have a lot of expectations that few jockeys do. This is to be expected, given his performances as a novice. Keeping up to date with races and weekly racing tips helps keep horse racing fans in the loop, and with one eye on the future calendar, many will be keen to track Billy’s progress once he makes that step up in class.

Ambitious plans?

Billy has already stated he wants to become the youngest jockey to reach 100 wins in a single year. AP McCoy holds the current record, which has stood for decades. In 2014, he beat his own record again, despite starting as a flat jockey before becoming one of the kings of jump racing. Aiming for the stars is something all aspiring young sports stars do, and this ambition and fearlessness often sets them apart from their peers.

It would be trite and counterproductive for Billy not to have these plans, and with such an excellent team behind him and the fact he’s already started to show the hallmarks of a future elite jockey, the omens look good for the young Irish prodigy. A true test of his talent will come once he’s up against a higher class of horse and jockey. Still, given that he is creating such incredible headlines and showcasing such a significant level of skill at such a young age, these ambitious plans are definitely not out of the realm of possibility.

A Shining star of Irish horse racing?

Horse racing is a sport that is synonymous with Irish sporting culture. Alongside Gaelic football and rugby union, the country has produced countless world-class racehorses, jockeys, and highly impressive stables. Now that Billy is the latest in a long line of Irish jockeys to be recognised for their incredible talent so early on in their budding career, his apprentice title looks like it could be the first in a long line of many significant accolades he will scoop up throughout his career.

Picking up the baton from the greats

Lester Piggott, AP McCoy, and Ruby Walsh are immortal names in Irish horse racing. With thousands of combined career wins and many world-class, notable wins to their name, they’re rightly revered as the finest jockeys to hail from the Emerald Isle. It’s mightily unfair to compare Billy to any of these names yet; he’s still a youngster and has much experience he needs to gain in big races before holding a candle to any of these names.


There’s no doubt Billy has the potential to go to the top of horse racing. With each passing race, it appears that the question is getting closer to when and not if. So long as he keeps his feet on the ground, and there’s no reason he shouldn’t do so with his dad in the corner¾who understands the sport like the back of his hand¾it could be the start of a phenomenal partnership.

He will inevitably become a force to be reckoned with if he sticks to his solid team, listens to his trainers, and continues to ride horses from his dad’s stable as often as he can. However, a world-class jockey can adapt and win races regardless of the stable or breeder, and Billy looks like he can adjust and should continue to grow. How far he can go in the sport is up to him.

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