Horse Racing | 5 of the Best Horse Racing Betting Tips


Horse racing is a huge sport in the Emerald Isle, and a lot of horse racing fans across the country consider Ireland to be the premiere country for this entertaining sport.

Not only is this small and beautiful island the place where some of the world’s best racing horses have been bred, but it is also the country that some of the best trainers and jockeys call home. Therefore, it really should be no great surprise to hear that there are some great horse racing events that happen each year in Ireland. Below we shall provide you with some great tips that you should always keep in mind when betting on the horses.

Betting on Races in Ireland

Before we dive right in and start providing you with great horse racing betting tips, we want to just spend a few moments discussing horse racing gambling in Ireland. The Irish really enjoy betting on sporting events – this is not the world’s best kept secret, that is for sure. However, you might not actually be aware that the Irish bet more money on horse races than they do on other sporting, even the most popular ones such as the English Premier League or Wimbledon.

Why has betting on the horses become such a popular thing to do? Well, to begin with, it probably has something to do with the entertainment value. For instance, if you are watching a game of football and you happen to support a team that is playing, then you are going to have some emotional attachment to the match as you will want that team to win. However, with regards to horse racing, you will not support a certain horse. Therefore, to increase the entertainment and emotional levels, people place their hard-earned money on a horse to win.

Another reason why betting on horses has become so popular is there is plenty of money to be made if you can guess the winner. In a game of football, the favourites will always have low odds, meaning it is not worth betting on them. However, this is not the case in horse racing – the favourite will often still have decent odds, meaning you can earn a nice profit even by backing the favourites.

Now, obviously, if you want to bet on horses and make use of the valuable tips that we are soon going to give you, you need to have an account with a bookmaker. Thankfully, there are plenty of great sports betting sites out there that Irish people can sign up to and put our horse racing tips to good use. However, this great choice can also be a bit of a hindrance as it can be hard to find the best betting site for you. Luckily, there are many great comparison sites available, like the one provided in the link above, that will help you find the best bookie for you. We use this one regularly as they have a team of experienced experts that know exactly what it is that makes for a great bookmaker.

Horse Racing Betting Tips

There are many great horse racing betting tips available on the Internet that can help improve your chances of winning, but we feel that the following tips are some of the best.

Don’t Get Caught up on Tips at the Tracks

In the horse racing world, especially when you are at a racetrack, you will find many people who claim to be experts in horse racing betting. They will claim to have some inside knowledge on something that is going to happen. However, here is a small spoiler for you – nothing in betting is a given unless there is some cheating involved. Do you honestly believe that these people would be spending their days at racetracks if they knew what was going to happen in the future? We do not think that we need to give you the answer to this question. So, if you are at the tracks and someone comes up to you and provides you with tips, do not get too caught up with what they have to say, even if they do luckily get the odd winner.

Jockey Experience is Very Important

Horse racing is much different to greyhound racing for the simple reason that there is a jockey on top of the horses. Many people who are new to betting on this sport likely concentrate only on the horses, but this is a grave mistake because the jockeys are equally as important. Therefore, before you go ahead and place a bet on a horse, you need to take the time to find out as much as you can regarding the jockey that is going to riding it.

For example, you should find out whether they are successful, what type of form they have been in, and if they are in good shape, you also need to check whether they have ridden the horse before. If they have not, then there could be a few issues. You also need to take a look at how the jockey has performed in the past on that track. A jockey that has experience with a track will know it extremely well and will know the good and bad parts of it.

Tracks Are Not Created Equally

If you are new to the horse racing world, then you might think that all racecourses are the same. However, this is simply not the case – not only are tracks different lengths, but they also have different surfaces such as dirt, synthetic, and turf. Additionally, you will obviously have different typical weather conditions in different locations, and this can have a huge say in how a horse performs. To better handle the different variables, you will need to look at how the horse and jockey that you are thinking about betting on have done in these conditions in the past. It is impossible to account for all factors, but you can account for the major ones such as track conditions, weather, track length, and surface.

It is Difficult to Go Against a Proven Owner

When you have gained experience in the horse racing betting world you will realise that there are owners that just know how to be successful. You are probably sitting there right now wondering why owners are being discussed when they do not even take part in the races, but there is a good reason why we are mentioning them. To begin with, it is the owner that decides how much cash they want to invest into a horse.

Mullins unsure on Melon struggles

They decide on the food the horse eats, the lodgings that they will be staying in, and the trainers that will train them. If you feel that the trainer does not make a lot of difference, then we suggest you go away and learn a bit more before placing another horse racing bet. Believe us when we tell you that a trainer can have just as much impact on a horse’s success as the jockey and owner can. Just look at Willie Mullins and the success that the horses he has trained over the years have had.

You Do Not Have to Bet on All Races

What should you do when you are not sure what horse to bet on in a certain race? Should you put a bet on the favourite? Should you put two bets down? The simple answer is that you should just forget about betting on that race. If you want to be successful in the horse betting world, then you need to know when it is best to forget about betting on a race. If you just randomly start betting on races, then the likely outcome is that you will lose more money. There are hundreds of races each year, so sitting one out is not the end of the world.


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