Whip decision in racing deferr until a later date

Horse Racing

The decision on the future use of the whip in racing has been postponed until after the coronavirus crisis is over.

The British Horseracing Authority made a request to the Horse Welfare Board asking for a delay in their consultation which was supposed to report in October and could have led to a change in regulations.

Officials are busy working on plans of what to do when they are finally given the go ahead to resume racing again so the study will now take place at a later date.

Barry Johnson, the Horse Welfare Board’s Independent Chair, told the Mirror: ‘The Horse Welfare Board fully supported the BHA’s request to postpone the planned consultation on the whip and will work with the BHA, at an appropriate time, to agree a new timetable.

‘We are keen to ensure that any consultation on the whip is done thoroughly and well, with maximum involvement from people in the sport, which would be enormously challenging in the current circumstances.

‘This postponement will allow British racing to focus on more immediate concerns relating to the welfare of people and horses.

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