Melbourne Cup Odds 2022

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If you love horse races, then betting with Melbourne Cups needs to be your priority. This particular event is the most famous in Australia, and being part of it can be the best thing in your life.

Australian and international Melbourne participants offer the most excellent Melbourne cup odds for every type of punter. Betting on horses is quite famous too. Before you place a bet on any particular horse race, make sure you have the proper knowledge about how the early market works.

Early markets are the things you bet into when you want to have a bet before the final field and barrier draw has been completed. Since there are so many horses in the field, you need to lock some of the best odds to be on the right track.

However, early marketers are usually all in and what this means is that you don’t get a refund in case your horse doesn’t manage to get into the Melbourne cup field. You need to know about current Melbourne cup odds to know what you are betting for.

Melbourne cup exotic bets

Professional punters have the opportunity to try their chance at complicated Melbourne cup betting selections like quinellas and trifectas. These particular wagers need the punter to select various winners in the same order.

Since these particular wagers are complicated, some are only available for certain Australian thoroughbred races, such as the Melbourne Cup.

Some of the most exotic wagers in the Melbourne Cup include:

Melbourne Cup Quinella

As a punter, you will have to select and foresee the top two champions of the competition in any particular sequence for the bet to gain a victory. When making these particular gambles, most punters choose their top two favourites, but there are many options to select.

Box Quinella

In this wager, punters select more than two horses to compete in the first or second championship. The more horses you choose in your carton the higher your chances are of winning. It’s simpler to make this particular wager on an online site where you can quickly get assistance from support staff if required.

Melbourne Cup Exacta

This particular wager works the same way as the Box Quinella, where a punter needs to pick two horses which will compete in the first and second competitions but should be in the exact finishing sequence. When it comes to exacta, it is harder to pick since they pay better than a quinella.

Carton Exacta

Just the way carton quinella works, the carton exacta allows punters to select a field of two or more horses, and it encompasses every exacta mixture of those particular horses. 

Melbourne Cup First Four

For this wager, punters must select four finishers in the exact sequence. However, getting this wager right is tricky, so many punters take this wager as a carton bet.


When you love horse betting, you could try out the Melbourne Cup odds and try your luck. We have discussed some of the standard bets, and you could select the one that fits you best.

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